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Phil Iazzetta
Phil Iazzetta

In the 1980’s, you might find Phil either playing baseball on the streets of Queens, NY or at the New York City or Metropolitan Opera  playing the role of “Trouble” in Puccini’s Madame Butterfly alongside the likes of Placido Domingo and Renata Scotto.

Phil, Carlos Mencia and Crew
Phil and His Turtles

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Despite Phil’s early operatic beginnings, from 1983-1992, he appeared as a semi-regular for “Late Night with David Letterman” which led to an appearance on “Friday Night Videos” and several national advertising campaigns including Thundercats, Holly Farms and The WWE. Phil ventured into the world of radio as a co-host and beat reporter for several New York radio stations including WLIB and WFAS, before jumping to the ABC radio network and with over 125 million listeners.

Phil and Jim Gaffigan
Phil and Jim Gaffigan

In 2002 Phil became the host of Sirius’ radio first “live” call in sports program which led to a four year run as host of Raw Dog, an uncensored comedy channel as well as a daily talk show. Phil served as a founding member of Howard Stern’s Howard 100 news team and has worked on air for National Lampoon Radio as well as serving as Lampoon’s Vice President.

Phil and Rachael Feinstein
Phil and Rachael Feinstein


Phil can also be heard as the on air voice for iHeart’s most listened to station, 24/7 Comedy.

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